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Hey there! This is Elies

Hey there! This is Elies, an enthusiastic youngster from Barcelona passionate about music, festivals and technology, among many other topics –way too many perhaps– such as marketing, entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation, design, etc.

Being interested in so many broad and diverse fields makes it pretty difficult for me to have a clear idea of which would my dream job be: I’ve always aimed to organise my own music festival, but perhaps I’d also like to work as a software developer, or try to create a business from scratch in case I came up with a cool idea.

Nevertheless, I’m very excited about learning more about these topics, discovering new and inspiring stuff, engaging with people, interacting, exploring, etc. I strongly believe life can be fascinating.

Although I’m formally studying a Bachelor in Audiovisual Systems Engineering at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, I’m currently doing a semester abroad at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, during which I’m taking three subjects I’m very excited about but that are not related with the technical degree I’m doing back home: “Creativity, Innovation and Design”, “Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship” and “Digital Marketing”.

In fact, the latter one is the reason why I find myself writing these lines: the main assignment of the course is to create a blog in which we discuss several topics related to Digital Marketing, such as the web 2.0, digital business models, viral campaigns, SEO and SEM, privacy, etc. Should you happen to read any of my articles, I’d love to read your thoughts on it:)

Last but not least, as the music lover I am, I decided that I’ll try to create a Spotify playlist for each of the articles I post featuring a wide variety of songs, from more mainstream tunes to tracks by pretty unknown artists. Let’s see if you like them!

Thank you very much for reading this!

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